"The Sunset Spectre" lyrics


"The Sunset Spectre"

As the sun fades away, swallowed by rolling Western hills,
their greedy teeth taking light from our eyes, we're not alone tonight.
I know you'll be waiting in my bed, to sink your teeth into my thoughts,
to weave your way inside my head, an everlasting ribbon tying knots.

As the moon finds its way, amongst the stars that have spilled,
themselves across our night sky, we're not alone tonight.
What is this feeling? This feeling of sinking? What is this longing?
For the siren song you forever sing.

Filling your bones with these moths, they never fly off,
like the dust on a memory book and feeling the cover is rough;
the pages crumble as I slide my fingers between them,
like your lip in my teeth; the desperation to remember.

Time doesn't turn the same way anymore, the seconds are hours, the hours are days,
my days are a haze and the months fade away.
Years piled up like old books on their shelves,
the words ring in my ears like church bells,
and those piles grow taller while I become smaller,
in the face of moving on, in the sound of singing different songs.

They say come along, your mind may be weak but your body is strong.
But here I am, collapsed in my heap, my head in my hands, falls between my knees.
Permit me to pluck myself of this world, like the strings of your lyre,
and summon the strength for a final duet, our bodies together on fire.

Are you of another world?
How beautifully you dance in that body of light.
Are you the ghost?
A sunset spectre to sing sweet lullabies of goodnights?

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