"If You Are The Cure, Then I Am The Curse" lyrics


"If You Are The Cure, Then I Am The Curse"

We've seen broken walls, broken windows, lonely halls.
We've held broken hearts, in broken hands, can we ever start again?
I was trying to gather my thoughts, but they kept slipping through my fingers.

I thought I was moving on, but this memory still lingers.
What are we supposed to think when day after day after day after day,
no matter how hard we try, we just can't stay away?
Give me the substance that gives me some substance.

All I'm chasing is a little piece of mind, a little piece of my mind.
Negativity is a sickness we might never overcome.
Fleeing from the demons putting ideas inside our minds,
we were one with the pavement that carried us away.

From the lights and sounds, in leaps and in bounds,
a city behind us flooding with pity and sorrow without hope for tomorrow.
We slept in the river beds and awoke with the mountains, listening to stories of their foundations.

And how the mess inside of our heads shouldn't follow us to bed,
for when we dream is when we see just exactly what we need.
I know now, how much I never knew and that all ever I need is just to hold you.

Negativity is a sickness we might never overcome, but if you are the cure then I am the curse,
and I swear that I will love you through your best and through your worst.

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