"Beige Sunshine" lyrics


"Beige Sunshine"

Cheese is the one thing that's indestructible
How much is your Blue Cross deductible?
Open your eyes to a wicked surprise
You'll lose your mind if you just step inside
They say even Bambi was corruptible
The flu's coming, yes are you susceptible?
If only traces of lead were detectable
Open your brain to a new kind of pain
Just step inside and we'll all go insane
Please put your thoughts inside a receptacle

You are not one of us
Your pipes are leaking
You are an ocelot
But what are you seeking?

Baboons, they say, are quite understanding
Ships without rudders aren't worth commanding
Open your skull to a world that is dull
You'll find it all when you shop at the mall
People like you are not worth reprimanding

I think you need some help
I think that you're way off course
Maybe you need a little breather
You should get down off that horse

Look up into the sky
Try to catch your racing thoughts
Before they burn up in the sun
Take a walk
Sit in your rocking chair and breathe...
Just breathe
And breathe
Just breathe
Welcome to your head
Trippin' on Wonder Bread
Welcome to your head!

Peer into the endless void
And see the endless light
Realize there is no time
There is only light

Feel the heat of the moment
Feel the heat of the now
Feel the heat of the beige sunshine
In the back of your mind, and breathe...
Just breathe
And breathe
Let's breathe

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