"Toronto The Great" lyrics


"Toronto The Great"

I don't believe in anything anymore
Accept this drink, this cough and cold sore
I don't believe in me or you anymore
This is the best floor, I've slept on all tour

Shut this system down it's gaining higher clout
Shut this machine off before it burns you out

I don't want to be burn if I can't breathe

It's safe again to swear, it's safe to scream
So do what you're told, so do what you're told
Its stop drop and roll instead of rock and roll
So do what you're told, so do what you're told

So butter me up cuz I'm broken
I am Roken Dodiljic to the rescue
A six pack, a six string, some harmonies
I'm Roken Dodiljic to the rescue

But you'll be sorry when one Greig Nori
comes crashing through your door
and throw some records on the floor

To put our press kit in your hand
and tells you about our unknown band
playing a piss soaked squat in Rome
and being ten thousand miles from home

I don't want to go to shows and pretend I fucking care
about all the bands that will get somewhere

Who act like something else than what these pussies claim to be about
This faux punk fatigue is hard to live without

I don't care that you don't care

My head feels like a beating drum
It's as american as a facelift is
You ought to be apart of me
My twice removed anatomy

I want my money back
you can keep the airwaves to yourself

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