"Sailor/Mud Boy Opus" lyrics


"Sailor/Mud Boy Opus"

Baby, I'm home and I want you bad
You're buzzing like the refrigerator I used to have
Marry me, there's so much more I forgot to say
When you were drunk in my arms, we were only kids

And I kissed you

Como dices en espanhol
That my head is spinning out of control
My head is our of fucking control
over you, you know what to do

Southerns girls do it to me everytime
with their cold blue eyes and warm beer tights
darling take my hand and put it somewhere nice
If you want, all summer we can do this and smile

Cuz I want to

Comment dis tu en francais
That everything is not ok
That everything is not ok with you

But when the rain falls down
All across your room
All across your room

I'll swim in your room

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