"Nip-Tuck-Face-Magic" lyrics



I want my stomach to be sick from the candy
I want my nose to be bloody from a derailed train
I blush from the pain

My shoes to be coated with adipex
My sex to be flexed with confidence
Your touch brings the rain


This avenues blinding
Note to self
Your insides are ugly
Hold yourself

I woke up in a different apartment
in a different world, with a different girls
Drank a cup of tea and made an omelet
I scratched my head and went back to bed

I cracked a beer in another atmosphere
I'm somewhere else but I don't know where
If I find a phone maybe I can call you
Send you a postcard of another moon

It's not ok to be lonely,
It's not ok cuz its wasting time
But time has no effect on me
Take it away, let it expire

Here comes the rain
Soaks through your veins
While the other girls complain
No chewing gum, no cab fare home
i'm alive the most when I'm my worst

Thanks to livia for these lyrics

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