"Is Everyone Alright?" lyrics


"Is Everyone Alright?"

The hardest part is over and you're on your way back up
The hard part is staying sober
when you're on your way back out
It's breaking my heart not seeing you falling apart
I guess I did enough of it for the both of us to call it quits

So wait by the phone, hope that nobody's home
So I can call you what I want
So listen up

It's beautiful outside
why don't you go ride your bike
out past the neighbor's lawn, his daughter,
the girl for years you crushed on

Got a brother in the military
I wonder if she's proud
I wonder if she's like you, all sound and blue

Saying everything is going to be fine
Is everything alright?

Is anybody going my way? is anybody out there anyways?
Is anybody thinking the same? is anybody thinking these days?
Cuz I'm blind, blind by love
Can you stay, for a while
You're breaking my heart

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