"Inside The Belly Of The Wolf" lyrics


"Inside The Belly Of The Wolf"

In my hands lies a riddle
for a million dollar cheque from some record exec
In these chords, look for an anthem
fro a generation of zombies accepted

In a 9-5 world (they) kill for means to a light or a better life
I think I figured it out, even my own escape leaves me with doubts

You'll find out anyhow
that it's not worth fighting for

With a song in me head and a dance in my feet
a cough in my throat for post-everything
Tell me sister, who do you believe?
Because I fall for everything

It's cold outside tonight
Somewhere a farmer buries his bride
You can't spook the wolves away
With the other blood suckers hunt the youthful pray

no, it's not worth fighting for

Where maybe we won't have to document these parts
Put it on our credit cards, all that time we spent
down and out there, those broken hearts that we wear on record sleeves
who do you believe?
the man, the myth, the whore in sheep's clothing or yourself

make me pretty, make me a believer
sell my soul through rock n roll

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