"God Is A Good Girl" lyrics


"God Is A Good Girl"

Cut like a diamond on the way to the store
You'll be dead on arrival, I'll be glad that I came
Show me your wrist and I'll show you my scars
Your mascara is running, watch out for the cars

I'll believe in you with one open eye
I'll believe in you if I can

You're waving like an astronaut
about to explode over a Scarborough parking lot (in 1986)

Any day that you're alive, is the greatest day in my eyes

Walked out to the precinct in total darkness
Wanted to report a crime I saw as I walked here
Son don't fool around we can put you away
Believe me officer, I didn't just stop by to say

That I feel so nice today
and when the man pulled out the knife we was ok
Soaked in blood and drunk off love
The kind you wished that your parents still felt

You're gonna pay for the life you took now
Confess or the shit will be beaten out of ya
Officer, officer, you've got to understand
I'm merely a patsy, a sucker in some sophisticated plan

Turn me around face against the wall
Smack me in the head with the butt of your gun
Read me my rights and say
that I felt so nice today

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