"Broken Telephone" lyrics


"Broken Telephone"

I'm shipwrecked from heartbreak,
you're dancing like a lunatic
why can't we just go back to your place?
and dine like a prince on a raped and pillaged island
swearing like a sailor, drinking like a writer

Around and around the world we go
Watch as my apes heart tightens to explode
into a million pieces off the coast of Nova Scotia
If we can swim we can survive

I lived for you, so die for me
The heart you can't stand it
But honey don't panic
I've got this sinking feeling we'll watch "the panel" tonight

It was the summer of 1965 and I was yet to have been alive
Abigail and her ponytail wrote a postcard to hell and it read
In the winter of 1994, I'll be lying dead on your hallway floor
Sell my bloody body to the meat man next door and ask him

Why do girls believe in love with tricks up their sleeve?

We're going to make it after all
They're going to fake it and fall
And I'm going to tell you what's on my mind
you're going to tell me that it's fine

To hang on

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