"3rd Generation Nation" lyrics


"3rd Generation Nation"

There ain't no future and there ain't no past
There's just a graveyard and it's coming fast
Well we want the truth, we're the modern youth
History has warned ya of
And we're down to kill

We're the 3rd Generation Nation

I could make money playing corporate rock
I ain't got nothing, rather live in hock
Well we can't be told, we're out of control
Adults they're afraid of me
Cause we're down to kill

We're the 3rd Generation Nation

Nothing's new or hasn't been said
It's all been done before
Yet you're all laughing, laughing at me
But don'tcha laugh at me
The better world you tried to build
Exploded in your face
Yet you're laughing, laughing at me

We're the 3rd Generation Nation

Thanks to Jamie for these lyrics

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