"To The Moon And Back, Babe" lyrics


"To The Moon And Back, Babe"

Pretty you are, enough to be in magazines,
but I know and you know you're worth more than that to me.
But my desire to kiss you has completely diminished.
Due to the fact that your lips on my lips just might be your foot on my throat
Holding back the hidden "I love you"'s in all the songs that I've ever wrote.
Until the day... That his swells have come to suck you in
and steal you away from me yet again.
To drown everything important to assure you forgot about me.
To remain embraced by something stronger than me,
warmer than me, better than me.
More suitable to best accommodate your needs.
And the moment he touches your body just to feel.
I will break at the knees,
And I will combust.
I will.
So it won't hurt so bad to see you love again.
So it won't hurt so bad to watch as you... forget about me.

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