"Painting Pictures With Knives & Gunshots" lyrics


"Painting Pictures With Knives & Gunshots"

Maybe the birds fall silent
When you enter the room
Your flowers slowly wilting
Resembling you in every way
Your knife shines
And it's beautiful in my back
You always liked me better in pieces
Kiss me with those
Lips of lead
Tonight you will destroy me again
As my shaking body trembles and moves on
As I lay shaking to my death
you will sit and paint me in my best
I gave you my legs
Only so you could use them to run away
How cold that pistol that you carry
You're cornered!
It's loaded bearing the words
"I love you always"
Only to take one more straight through the heart
Kiss me! Kiss Me!
With those
Lips of lead!
Tonight you will find me dead
As I lay shaking to my death
You will sit and paint me in my end
I will take this knife
This paint brush and paint you
A new you
Crimson always suited you best

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