"If You Need It" lyrics


"If You Need It"

Whether it's love or drugs or drinks, lust or vanity
Just take what you need but don't let your vices bring you further down with them

While you wander through this old life
Yea the world will leave it's mark
While you pretend it's all just fine
While you wait and wait keeps you up all night
And I'd try to explain if I could

But now you're prone to the elements, to the raging cold
And life'll break you like it broke me
It'll wear you down
Set your soul to sleep
And I'd try to help you if I could

And if you're finding that your metal skeleton's been replaced by flesh and bone
While you wonder how the world whittled you down
Got you clinging to the crutches you've been trying not to lean on

Whether it's faith in gods or just yourself, old records and closest friends
Just use what suits you best
And hey,
If you need it, then you need it
To find a way to get through this old life

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