"Voyeuristic Nightmare" lyrics


"Voyeuristic Nightmare"

Where do you run to
when there's nowhere left to hid?
there's not a corner of the world
to which it's blind
under the surveillance of a monster
with a thousand eyes
a voyeuristic nightmare steals
away our private lives
they see you, they watch you
you're just another
slide under the microscope

watch your step, they see you
they know every move before you make it
they're only waiting
now to catch you in the act
the jig is up
they've been tappin' on your phone lines
cops are at the front door
and the swat is in the back
go anywhere
there's just no safety anymore
and when you're hidin' in your house
and lockin' up the door
it's a false sense of security
this was never a land of sovereignty
if it means they'll make another penny
fill the morgue


No color
no future
no culture
no code
the plastic smell of ignorance
with a tv teaching morals
and incendiary graveyards
of 1,000 rotting minds
a shred of humanity is impossible to find
let weaving spiders infiltrate the grove
on blast surveilled
we're jailed forever
and we just give ourselves away

We're runnin' on the rails
with the wealthy at the wheel
the few control the many
free to cheat and lie and steal
it doesn't matter
if a couple innocent will die
as long as money's rollin' in
everything is fine
but now we want to see
all the cards on the table
we're sick of being lied to
and kept in the dark
burn the veil and sever the cables
that personify our slavery
and rip the grid apart


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