"Tough Cookies And Love" lyrics


"Tough Cookies And Love"

your so busy all the time
just take a moment
to stop by
cause i miss you so bad
just want to see your
pretty face next to mine
cause when I'm with you
it's all butterflies and sunshine
my heart is yours forever
and for all time

Sit back, relax
come on take a break
you know you really need to breath
cookies ad love is what we'll make
if you just spend the day with me
slow down just let it go
take it easy and you'll know
that everything will be okay

So here I am just lookin' back
I need some time to just relax
my life's been up and down so much
all I need is your sweet touch
cause when I'm with you I'm okay
problems gone so far away
my heart is yours forever
and for always


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