"Tarnished Ol' Photograph" lyrics


"Tarnished Ol' Photograph"

In this tarnished and old photograph
we race through a field of green
There was nothin' we held on our backs
We were young we were wild and free
When we got to bridge
where you almost passed out from the sweltering heat
I ran back to house
To grab you some water and somethin' to eat

And your skin is glistened in the sun
And what shown on the river reflections of love
And our smoke from our cigarettes
twirled through the wind
We twirled through the air and almost off the bridge
But you kept me from falling and I kept laughin'
the bird in the trees kept on ratt a tatt tattin'
the water below us it shimmered like gold
And I swore in that moment with you I'd grow old

And still to this day when I study your smile
I arrive at that bridge where I'll rest for a while
And chat with the birds
From that river of gold of mystery freedom and memory's old

In this optimistic and fresh photograph
We'll stand and hold hands at the start of a path
And we'll look to each other and tell one another
I love you, you wont' walk alone.

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