"Saturday Morning Cartoons" lyrics


"Saturday Morning Cartoons"

Saturday morning
i grab a huge bowl
fill it to the brim
with my favorite cereal
i plop right down
in front of the tub
now I'm ready for
a Saturday morning cartoon

their awesome

stayed up late last night
watchin' spawn
now I'm watchin' ash
catch Pokemon
and if the world
is put in danger
we'll all be saved
by the power rangers
and I'll be watchin'
from now till noon
Saturday morning cartoons

since the 1960s
shag and scoob
have been chasin' ghosts
and rollin' doobs
don't let them tell you
smokin' makes you slow
when a ghost shows up
watch those two go
and tommy pickles
needs a diaper change
when he dressed up like a girl
it made me feel all strange
i like Doug's theme song
that's a catchy tune
Saturday morning cartoons

Saturday morning cartoons

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