"Santa Barbara" lyrics


"Santa Barbara"

I'm on my way
to Santa Barbara California
all by myself
in an el Camino
drivin' along the border
the trip's half the fun
but the destination
will be so much better
I'm feelin' freedom
like I've never felt before
I'm untethered from the world

Well I don't know
no i don't know
what to do so I'll just go
I'll run away
I'll run away forever
well I'll just go
no I won't slow down
nothing could bring me back
to this town
except for you
except for you

I'm on a train
all I got's a backpack
and my leather
no end in sight
just traveling
I'm under perfect weather
don't know my destination
I'm on a one way trip
to wherever
I'm just glad to get away
from where I've been forever


Well now I know
now i know
what to do so I'll never go
I'll stay right here
I'll stay with you forever
well I could go
don't have to slow down
nothing is keeping me
in this town
except for you
except for you

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