"Post Party Depression" lyrics


"Post Party Depression"

Lose the tough guy facade
The world's a scary place
Everybody's afraid
Whether they'd like to admit or not
it's the truth

Sooner or later this party gets busted
And all your friends stumble back home
But you're the lose cannon
That could never be trusted
So you'll hide from the cops all alone

Tell me when the fire dies down
What the fuck will you do?
When the man comes around
what the fuck will you do?
Who's gonna be there to catch you
When your plans all fall through
When you were flyin' your white flag
Who never gave up on you

The future is terrifying
It constantly plagues my mind
Where will I be in ten years
Will I be homeless?
Or buried?
Have children and be married?
Or will I still be stuck standin' right here?
Either way it's been a privilege
to have had time to spend
with my wonderful family and friends
So I toast to all of you
And to all that you do
You're fuckin' awesome don't you ever forget it


Build up your confidence
will lead to have a breakdown
And every morning that you wake up's just a let down
Find yourself a comfort or two
Adjust until your face down black out fucked up
Just to help yourself forget
The world we live in is a terrifying place
Who will be ones who are there
When the rest have gone away
The ones who've turned their back on you
They're staggerin' off the plank
Come back a fuckin' cannon
Blow 'em away
and watch them sink


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