"Muddy Knees" lyrics


"Muddy Knees"

Come on just take my hand
baby lets go
we'll run away with nothin'
but our love to show
we'll dance in the street
with mud on our knees
and show the world we're
everything they wish to be
but nothing that they want to see

Remember those days
we lost track of miles
punk rock love and dysfunctional smiles
livin' in the clouds
screamin' our lungs out
we laughed when no one listened
cause we knew it'd all work out
we were the only two that were conscience
in that stupid fucking town
traveling to different cities
deciding anywhere is home
as long as you were by my side
I never felt alone
cigarettes to wind
40's in our hands
this love is real and no one could understand
the feeling we were born to feel
you know I'll follow you anywhere


Droppin' out of high school
sneakin' out of windows
playin' music to cops
that wanted to shut us down
the moment I looked into your eyes
you held me through all those bad times
the friends that got locked up
and all those friends
that never made it through the night
seemed like we were the only two
that would ever make it through
this fucking life


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