"Comfort Epershand Control" lyrics


"Comfort Epershand Control"

the rungs of this ladder are broken
we're stuck in a pit
to forget the escape is the way out
but what's one to do when the only thing comforting leads to an eternal sleep underground
everyone has their addictions everybody's weak and everyone someday will die
if everything's random we're so insignificant and none of this matters then why even try
were all just costumed illusions of self
we sift through the filth to discover our wealth
but riches are not always silver and gold
just somebody to love and a clean bill of health
is what this life is all about
and i know that its easy to get caught up in trivial shit
but when the roof is cavin' in just remember that none of this matters in death

so take your hands off of the wheel and let the chips fall where they may
time is short and death is sure so just be grateful for today

a life time of whiskey a couple of years
a life of mistakes for a couple of beers
were marionettes and the puppeteers clutchin' so fucking hard
trying to paint on a smile
that they think looks right but their rights our wrong
the nights are too short and the days are too long
when they want you to color inside of the lines
but the picture looks better with scribbles outside
of the lessons we've learned
when the bridges are burnt
and the power goes out the control that you've earned
means nothing
we're all gonna die
we're runnin' out of time
so what i do is none of your concern. just...


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