"Books Of Blood" lyrics


"Books Of Blood"

surrounded by corruption encased in greed and rage
we lay dead behind these books of lies with blood on every page
books that cause these pointless fucking wars and deaths of millions
a list of rules all bound in fear a machine to clone the sycophants.

please somebody tell me is there any other way
must we be the ignorant the sheep to die in vein
you're all just much too weak to cope with your own mortality
stop the deadly lies accept your fucked reality

these books of blood
of death and hate
just loaded guns
with history so dark and cold of suffering and pain

they'll promise you salvation just as long as you can pay
your saviors just a dollar sign a scam hidden in faith
they'll take the cash and build a church another fucking waste
another base of operations sharpening their blades

these organized religions they just brainwash and control
die for them in holy war they swear they'll save your soul
well fuck you I'm an atheist so banish me to flames
cause nothing happens when you die you just slowly rot away.

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