"Bombs Over Boston" lyrics


"Bombs Over Boston"

A bomb falls down a kid cries out
we need freedom we need it now
a bill is past another is raised
our pockets are empty but our taxes are paid
the minds of the children are empty
cause the teachers just there for the check
well today is the day where we need to say
give me freedom or give me death

We've waited far too long and now we're fucked

Your hiding in the shadows of those monuments you built
enslave the poor protect the rich
and make our nightmares seem so real
messin' 'round hangin' out with my friends
you come around lurkin' to give us problems
we're sick of it we've had enough
puttin' us down just so you can look tough


Drop their bombs over Boston
put their tanks in New York
they've already got their navy stationed
in every port
you can forget about Houston
the dirty south will be gone
from third ward to fifth ward
It'll be like Vietnam
it's up to us to unite the rest
no matter the age
no matter the race
no matter the gang or the sex
it's time to stand up
for the freedom fight
instead of their beer we'll drink their blood tonight
the blood of the police
that put us so low
the blood of the wealthy so content in their homes
the blood of the bosses
that denied us those jobs
we'll drink it with all
who've so plainly been robbed


you cheat you lie
you kill you steal
your holding us against our will
and if we should try to escape
you'll grab your guns and shoot away [x4]

We've waited far to long
the time is now to change things

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