"All I Got" lyrics


"All I Got"

that train was a one way ticket
to despair and a life on the road
so I'll sit right here
and I'll try my hardest
just to get back home
even if i can't
at least i know i tried
and maybe i can live with that
but i just couldn't live knowin'
we were our first and not our last

And it's lonely without you here
and I've never been more scared
I'll spell out my feelings
on the walls with this guitar
to hope you see them in a passing glance
and realize that you care
and i think i understand
just what i need to do
and I'll do all that i can
to get you back
cause i miss you

and if i forget how to play
all the songs five ever written
well that'd be alright with me
as long as i remember this song I'm okay
cause right now this is the only song
i feel i need to sing
and I'll sing until my lungs collapse
I'll scream until you hear
I'll yell this song forever
just for you
cause nothing is the same
without you here

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