"Trial And Error" lyrics


"Trial And Error"

Tearing this house down is the last thing I wanted
But now that you're gone this place is so haunted
Anyone can say it but following through
Is one thing we always struggle to do

It's trial and error in all of this madness
And I'm never ready to deal with the sadness
I can lay in my bed dwelling on it for days
The fact of the matter is no one's to blame

I'm still holding onto pieces
Just in case you ever need them
Part of me knows you never will
You never will

I still drive by everyday
Knowing things will never change
Part of me knows I'll never see you
I'll never see you again

I let myself down in all of this
And I'm not something that you miss
You always make it look so easy
I know you act like you don't see me

And now you're saying you're sorry
I'd be lying if I said that it's okay

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