"Soothsayer" lyrics



You're always looking for something from me the one thing I can't give
Cause I lost my soul here while searching for just another chance to live

Walk out on me now I'm used to it
Your advice is something I just can't take
We're all expecting so much from someone
Who's heart's not worth the break

I know I've said it once before
"Give me time to change my life"
You can lend me your hand I might let you down
There's reasons why she's not still around

Then I think to myself maybe I don't stand a chance
But that's not who I am I don't know who I am

Half of my act is pretending I'm fine
And treating my life like it's not worth the time
I know that it's wrong I can't shake it off
It's all I've ever known

I'm not learning to let go
I want to start this over
If I could promise something new
Would you please think it over

If you lend me your hand I won't let you down
There's pieces of me you never found

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