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Lately I've been fighting sleep and trying to keep up on my feet
This complacency seems to pull me under over my head everyday
I tell myself keep moving forward but I'm still shouting and trying to be heard
Over all of this commotion stress emotion doubt and fear

Are they still out there looking for me
I've been missing now for years

Buried in the trees this place is so familiar
Voices in the breeze speak of times I can't remember

For every nail that I hammer into this wall
One of your picture frames always seems to fall
No one is ever ready for this it's way too soon
I just can't stop myself from looking out for you

Are you close by I've been calling out for anyone
And I've been looking to the sky regretting all these things that I've done
I know it's a long shot but I'll keep trying
To signal someone who's lost like I am

Buried in the trees this place is so familiar
Your voice is telling me something that I remember

I'm always looking out for you

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