"One Eleven" lyrics


"One Eleven"

Looking back I thought it would last forever
But everything and everyone is so different now
Waking up every morning without you here
Is something I'm still learning to live with

What happened to all the promises we made
Are they lost or will we find it in ourselves to keep them
We know we're still the same
We just lost our way trying way too hard

Remember when we didn't have to force ourselves
It was just so natural
Is it too much to ask to follow me back to the start
And let this be the reason we make it worth that much more

It still haunts me everyday
If you'd just help me it could be okay
It still haunts you everyday
I'm not leaving I'm not walking away

This could all be fixed if we just let it go
Work with me on this one
Work with me

I refuse to let it end this way

We're better than this and you know it
We know we care so let's just show it
I know how you felt when you said it
Cause it felt the same when I did

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