"Blackouts" lyrics



Here I am again making the same mistakes I made before
I guess I never really learn
I'm always too far gone to accept myself
I just look down and slur my words

Tonight it's hard to see just what it was you saw in me
I'm chasing down those memories
With a taste to waste some time

But it won't take me back to a time where I loved what I had
How'd I let it get so bad

I've lost too much in this struggle
To gain control without a crutch
You know too much and I'm sorry
But I can't seem to get enough

As I stumble home I wonder if you'd still be by my side
If I could take back all the blackouts and learn to apologize

Tonight I'm just not me and I know I'm not thinking clearly
I'm washing down your memory with a shot to ease my mind

But I can't take it back
I hope you never felt this sad
How'd I let it get so bad

You had every right to walk away
I won't hold that against you
I wish you hadn't seen that version of me
But lately it's hard not to

I'm trying hard to get through

I know it's getting really late
But I just thought that you should know
I still miss you every day
And I can't say it sober

I've lost too much in this struggle
I've lost too much
But I can't seem to get enough

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