"Beneath The Surface" lyrics


"Beneath The Surface"

Cold days in April
Were brought about by change in vain
Finding comfort in the falling of the rain
The rain

Cold days in April
Were brought about by rising tides
Finding comfort in the warmth we hold inside, inside

I find myself back home; don't know how I got there
And I feel like I'm stuck, I'm stuck inside
But the only thing I know, even though I don't you don't care
Is that my world's prepared to die

Cold days in April
Brisk winds and chills in the air
Does it feel like anyone cares?
Does anyone, does anyone care?

No one can hear my screams of pain
In the silence of today, the silence of today
The echo of my call will haunt them
Until I'm dead, until I'm dead

Cold days in April...

Thanks to Jørgen Bakke Skauge for these lyrics

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