"Comfort In Surrounding Space" lyrics


"Comfort In Surrounding Space"

Define the meaning of being dead inside
Another breath to make me feel alive
Looking up and slowly changing
Searching for the path to set me free

Another Push sets me in motion
And I leave you behind
You never cared for my devotion
I found you tearing at my heart

I leave, I see

Will we ever make it home again?
I believe I know
And your words they feel so timeless
As I watch you go
Define the meaning of finding peace inside
Waiting for the one to make me feel alive
On my knees and slowly fading
Hoping that this cage will set me free

I leave, I see. We will make it home again…..

This makes a sweater sound than I could wish to breathe
I’m reaching out to save me
Now I’m leaving
I’ve been calling you
And I waste my time by falling back and waiting to be alone.

Thanks to Natalia for these lyrics

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