"Sleep In The Sea" lyrics


"Sleep In The Sea"

Darling, are you lost, adrift at sea?
There is an anchor tied to your ankle that begs to watch you sink
Is the bottom of the ocean where you want to make your bed?

I could feel you slip through my fingers and sink towards the abyss
But nothing that I did could ever keep you safe from the ocean that's filling your lungs

There is an anchor tied to your ankle that begs to watch you sink

Effervescent mind, sinking so fast
You could have been just fine if you had listened when I cried out
Stray from the tide or my words will become a distant sound
Separate from the shore and you will surely drown

My heart never felt so full, when you would wake in my bed
You made a choice to return to the waves, and now it feels like a part of me is dead
I would give anything to bring you back
But you're gone, and you sleep in the lowest depths of the sea

There is a hole in my heart
A fragment remains but never the same
You filled the space until you gave up on me
With my feet stuck in the sand and just out of reach of grabbing your hand
Your mind will sift through the past, your heart torn in half, this breath will be your last

Sleep in the sea as the anchor becomes your destiny

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