"The One For You" lyrics


"The One For You"

Kick into the stage again
We’re gonna play our set my friend
Lights can go off anyway
So we're not stopping

Met some freaks along the way
Tried to help to find our faith.
Thanks to all the people
Thanks to you we're playing

Your parents can yell loud
Your exes can make you remember all your past mistakes
There’s no reason to give up
The only thing that matters now it's that you’re feeling great!

Living in this world to play
We’d like to do this everyday
This is our ambition
And you are our best reason

We won’t stop because of the rain
Car crash, illness or love pain
Sing along another time
This is our fuel.

And that's ok; there are no reasons to complain
Almost today, there are no reasons to leave this way
This is the way! Yeah!

No matter what we do, no matter what we play
Friends forever will remain
They are who, come to the shows to see us play
Don't really care if they have to pay
We'll sing this song for you today!

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