"Not In My Life (United Hearts)" lyrics


"Not In My Life (United Hearts)"

Spend all the day talking, who are you to criticize?
You’re filled with your frustration, now its time to say goodbye

It’s a wasted generation
Throw the rock and hide the hand
It’s messed up in your mind
It’s messed up and you’re blind!

Not in my life! You attack and I survive
Now step behind, won’t fight back to feed the fire
Not in my life! Defense and no revenge
Truth beats a lie.

It’s illusion, it’s ambition
It’s the reason, keep this straight
like hard work with no advantages
Needs to feat this ignorance.

It’s a wasted generation
Throw the rock and hide the hand.
Unreal lives behind a mirror
Desktop snakes, what you pretend?

And the growth, the hate growth is never ending
When pressure is overwhelming.
I prove that I was right.
And the fight, the fight is never ending
The envy is not surrending!
Illusion is our pride.

And to blame is just a waste of time.
There’s no beginning, I don’t see the end.
And the lies trying to suffocate
United hearts, will never disappear

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