"Frame By Frame" lyrics


"Frame By Frame"

Some good news today
Everything seems great
The war is over no one dies
Cancer is not a problem we’re all alright
Cities on the moon
Flying cars, its true
But every time I look around
I only see pollution in your eyes

We are all just getting tired of the media, reality is a shame
Coz every time I turn on the stereo there’s no good news again
Society’s messed up, it’s mass hysteria, we always find someone to blame
Using fear to control your criterion this is how we live today
Kind shows on TV
All nations agree
The hunger is over, no one dies
Difference’s not a problem, we’re all right
Animal protect, friendship and respect
But everytime I look around
It’s not a perfect planet, it’s a fraud!
Let’s join all together against this fake
We’re sick of hearing liars just go away
Let’s join all together here starts the change
The change to make things right.
(So) Read between the lines, think for yourself, think what you wanna!
Imagine a new word for discomfort, think what you wanna!

To all my friends, who care about?
Lifetime is short, don’t fall apart
The reason why, I sing this song
Is to make the most, enjoy and die for your own rule.

Frame by frame, it’s the same all over again
Stand together, any action is gonna remain in vain
Lost in words?, my friends are here to explain
The reason why, we must leave something to remain.

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