"The Way Up North" lyrics


"The Way Up North"

The northbound trains and the foreign cars, the nights spent out back counting stars dodging trains and blowing in the wind. You said you weren’t afraid to die and without words I asked you “why?”. You said “I could go to hell and wouldn’t care If I’m with you I’ll go anywhere”, but those days are gone, I’ve packed my bags and I’m moving on. Some day love is gonna find me, it might not be today, but some day this love is gonna make its way to me. New England falls can change so fast, the green to red, the trees contrast and summer air gets swept up in the cold north wind. My last days are spent on the beach. I watch the waves roll and retreat and write down the words to get them off my chest. Stuff it in a bottle - hope for the best. I cast it to the sea. “I’m sorry I let silence get the best of me”.

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