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She likes Bob Seger and lightning at night, yeah she’s got some problems but hell, so do I. I could see from California those big hazel eyes that got harder to forget every time that I tried. And you know, from three thousand miles away she could never understand what I’m trying to say, that tomorrow’s much too late, but if you ask there’s still a place for you back home. I’ve spent too many years getting boxed in the ears but that porchlight still burns on, and after all those winter nights I tried to stay out of sight, that porchlight still burns on. And like my grandfathers first, I am a travelling man, so I packed up my things, shook my old man’s hand. I may have been scared, I may not have had a plan, I may have given up but I never ever ran. Well I’ve learned to let go, to not hold on so tight. To step back from the fireflies and just enjoy the light. Sometimes the jar gets cloudy, the glass tarnished with spite. Enjoy the lanterns in our lives, our future’s far too bright to let them die. The young man living with regrets in his head becomes the old man who was never able to move ahead. The young man living with regrets in his head becomes the old man forgotten and alone when he’s dead.

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