"City Lights" lyrics


"City Lights"

Well I’ve got hopes, but that’s all I’ve got and I’m starting to believe that that ain’t worth a lot. Every lesson’s been telling me the same; it’s a hard luck life, jumping puddles in the rain. But I’ve got six strings that will keep me sane and one day, girl you’re gonna know my name. I feel alive tonight, think I might take you for a ride. We’ll glow in the city lights and forget all the troubles in our lives. I’m tired of feeling so stuck at the bottom, my heart’s racing like I’m climbing up a mountainside. I’m trying to get a little something for me, because I can’t do this old routine. Times are hard for dreamers struggling to get a shot, and lately my luck isn’t running too deep but I’ll give it what I’ve got. Lately I’ve been running a little low on sleep, but I promised one day we would run away to the places we dreamed when we were young and had something no one could take away.

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