"Burning Up" lyrics


"Burning Up"

Originally by Jonas Brothers

And I'm hot, and you're cold
And you go around, like you know
Who I am, but you don't
And you've got me on my toes

And I'm slipping into the lava
And I'm sure to keep from going under
Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
Cause I'm burning up, burning up for you baby

Come on, girl..! I fell (I fell) So fast (so fast)
I can't hold myself back
High heels (high heels) Red dress (red dress)
All by yourself, gotta catch my breath

Walk in the room, and all I can see is you
You're staring me down, I know you feel it too

Yeah I'm burning up in this place tonight
You better sing it loud and we're feeling right
Get up and dance don't try to fight it
Big Rob's for real and that's no lie
Stop drop and roll and touch the floor
Keep on burning up more and more
I got JB with me, layin' it down
Come on boys lets bring the chorus around

Burning up, burning up for you baby

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