"American Dream" lyrics


"American Dream"

Nightmares in a prison cell
The truth we can't escape
Headlines color the world, salute to hate
They say I'll serve till the end
Programmed never thought to rebel
Hold on to your ignorance it suits you well
All along this, all I wanted was to believe
Help me see
The days upon us, we gaze at pons dying for their kings
American dream
Searching for the truth ya can't find the truth
You're fucking blinded
Looking for the answers
When you never questioned yourself
Back down you'll never win
Sift through your best intentions
Lost cause without a voice
No defense
Like a villain in disguise
Traders and alibis I can't seem to tell who's who
You pushed everyone aside
Hit bottom and finally find all along
The villain was you
I will not break, your worst mistake
Never questioning, but I will not break away

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