"Sideward And Foreways" lyrics


"Sideward And Foreways"

Focus. Abused:
mentally, physically, mentally, physically, emotionally.
This will be worse for you.
Confusion, frustration.
I turn to mercy.
It's not fair.

Sometimes it will get easier;
it will always get more difficult.
I have a question.
What is "it"?

Physically, mentally, emotionally abused;
I turn to mercy to find a place where I can hide, where I can focus on.
Now endure; focus.

If my eyes are closed, and the door closes, I focus on the sound.
But if I open my eyes to see the door is still open, what did I hear before?

This seems to make no sense.
But already, I have confusion.
Makes no sense, but already I have turned away.

But what have I done to deserve this?
Are you kidding me?

There has been only One perfect life;
Jesus the Messiah.
The Anointed One, and only Son of God.

Even a perfect life faces abuse;
mentally, physically, emotionally.
We will deal with it.

We are still alive, so we will be shaken.
Lord make me unshakable.
For the heavens and earth tremble, but still I will remain.
Are you kidding me?

You’re my Lord forever.
With You my Lord, forever!
I’m ever with You Lord, my focus is on You; all on You.

So my focus must stay on You, Jesus.
I’m blinded by this life, and all the lies it tells me.
I am blind, so my focus must stay on You, Jesus!

How do you know who God is? Who told you?
Did culture tell you?
Did your parents tell you?
Did we tell you?
Learn for yourself who God really is.
You may be the only Jesus someone ever sees.
Make Him look good.

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