"Mustache: Plus 10" lyrics


"Mustache: Plus 10"

I will not follow a stranger;
I ran from You because I did not know You.
In order to follow You, I must know You.
To be with Him, I must know You, Jesus.
I'm not going to lie, there's no other way.
Hiding behind the mask of false religion,
or pure un-pure unbelief, there is a respect to be had.
But it is not for the mask,
but the heart that is un-knowing;
and therefore unbelieving that their true face,
their real face, covering The One true faith.

That can only be had through You, Christ Jesus;
could ever be, would ever be good enough for someone like You.
But again, truth: it's not a mask we need, Lord.
Let our faces shine for you right now.
I'll prefer a helmet now; perhaps a sword of biblical proportions.

Strike down my enemies with Your compassion, so they would know You.

You volunteer and paid more than I can ever afford.
You volunteer; You paid more. We will suffer.
Yet, we are called weak-minded.
Yet still, we suffer; but without worry, without fear,
without regret, insecurities, sorrow, or unforgiveness!
Not because I hide what I've done; just the opposite.
My mask is… My mask is off. My mask is…

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