"B Is Not For Brandon" lyrics


"B Is Not For Brandon"

The challenge is great, and great is the concept.
But it is easy: Believe.

If I’m not mistaken, you will do just fine.
You can smell that fear from a mile away; it’s not for me.
As some may say, it’s about time to break away.
But I say they should leave, you should stay.
You should stay.

My wheels should be round, but they seem to have these corners;
sure does make moving quite difficult.
Either way, I’m going over this mountain.
Although, the easiest thing to do is say, “Mountain be moved!”

This is what it’s like to be reborn:
a realization that nothing matters more.
Oh Mountain? be moved! Great is a year’s income.
Greater is the cost You chose to pay.

God the Father loves His son!
Jesus, Son of God loves His Father!
God loves His Son!
God loves His Son, Jesus!
God loves His Son!
So we understand He loves His Son;
yet He gave His Son for you!

The concept is easy.
I accept any challenge! I believe!

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