"Conflict...And A Way To Save You" lyrics


"Conflict...And A Way To Save You"

In this place they dream of gold and lavish things,
But they are nowhere to be found.
Seeking diamonds is the only way to prosper in this land.
They came, they saw the people standing here with their ripped clothes...
Wondering if things would be allright, but time stood still.

When things were different...
And all you needed was an ounce of hope; one single dream.
Now times are changing...
Communication with severed ties.
Have we lost our minds?

Helpless children guided to the bars of slavery.
They all will march until they die.
Theres something in the water that could change their solid minds,
This lifts us to the flame.
Our planes fly in to rescue your impurities.
You've got more to live, we can show you in this land of the free.

Disease and death are part of life, but lets escape.
You'll see the way you live is not justified.
Don't trust these people.

There is conflict...and a way to save you.

With this conflict, and a way to save you, lets move on and be free.
Be free.

Lets move on, lets break free, lets break through...can you see?
This is a fight were gonna win.
Now lets march until we die.

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