"A New Hope" lyrics


"A New Hope"

I've lost all hope.

This is the only way that I could see things ending now.
I tried to run and make things better now, but time stood still.
You said that I could make my mark, but you were wrong!

And we've all wished that things were different.
Just give it away now, the time has come to set things right.
The idea of being whole is far gone.

Standing still and breathing slow, not sure how far I can go.
This place I've landed seems so far away, but still it feels like home.
So let me paint a picture of the perfect state I'm in...
Where stars, hills, and silence bring me peace.
It blankets the scene before my eyes.

Show me a sense of hope.

When we fall, we get back up.
When we bleed, we learn more.

I see the difference between shades of gray.
Well see who finally takes control.

I've gained my sense of hope.

So gather round and you'll hear what I have to say.
It's not a memory, but a message left in time.
...And now you'll learn...

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