"A Lifetime In A Moment" lyrics


"A Lifetime In A Moment"

Lets pretend for just one moment that I am the closest thing you've ever had.
And can you believe that theres more to see in a second then you've ever seen in your life.
So sit a little close while I describe just how to open up your eyes and see.
It doesn't hurt to change your mind.
The world can be a better place.

If you knew from the start, what you'd do, who you are.
Might not forget to pay attention.
Love your friends, do your best, life will carry the rest.
Find a girl, be her world, and pay attention.

Endless possibilities make it hard for you to start.
When I'm hearing what you're saying, but cant make out the words.
Were all in this together.
And if you could do everything, than the hardest part is doing anything at all.

Weapons fire around the planet and end up heading straight for your heart.
You feel the pain of others as they bleed that old familiar symptom.
As hate consumes everything that you know.
Its time to change your mind so we can breathe.
So we can breathe.

Does it sink in?
Does it penetrate your thick skin like a thousand knives thrown throughout your spine?
Does it make your hair stand up?
Does it make you think twice before walking out your door?
It doesn't feel the way you'd like it to,
But in the end we could look back, and see where we went wrong.
Once you realize that you're a deciding factor in our future...
Then things can cancel out and leave us in peace.

I'll be here.
And I'll be waiting for you to come around.

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