"Party On" lyrics


"Party On"

Darling you look so fine today
I’ve never seen you like this time before
(look now)
I know you pretty well
I’m trying to be good for you

I love the way you walk
I swear I can’t stand to have a talk

So let’s hang out tonight
Baby would you have a little dance with me, come on
Get the party on the dance floor
Lady move your body
Until we spend the time all night long

Let me guess
Which dress will you choose
Pick the best to match on the dance floor
I’ll pick you up at nine with my dad’s car

So here we go now
We’re the one who saves the party
So don’t be late tonight

I love the way you talk
I swear I can’t stand to ask you out

Don’t look like a freak
Don’t worry don’t be weak
I need you to know
We’ll make it through the night

Yeah I’m here
Ohh no, I’m not
I’m not going anywhere

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