"Cut Me Out" lyrics


"Cut Me Out"

I walk in small steps, heavy doses
Head down so you never notice
Headphones on, a quiet song
Try to block it out, it's so hard to focus
I get lost in those tiny moments
And slowly start to breathe
Those words hurt, but I know that
I'm not broken until I bleed

So cut me out
Or cut me open for the last time
See if I'm hollow on the inside

Is this all we are?
Take turns at painful words and scars?
If there's any life left deep inside of me
I stand tall, you'll fall for anything

I walk in small steps, not holding back
Take time before I react
They're waiting for my fall so they can have it all
And I'm fine with that
Cause I've been down that low a lot
I know what it's like, but I never forgot
The best way to the bottom
Is the worst way to the top

Just look around you
You're living a lie like it's the only way
With tired eyes come darker days
Your time, it's all I ever wanted
But time is not the same as trust
Leave everything for them
But none for us

When the day comes
I stand tall, you'll fall
You'll see
You'll fall for anything

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