"Overchay With Me" lyrics


"Overchay With Me"

I sit around to read your note,
I read it over and over.
I think about you and fall asleep,
And dream.

'Cause I'm the first paragraph you wrote,
It's real.
And nothing matters but you and me,
That's how you feel.

I'll write a song then go to work,
I'll sing it over and over.
I'll write it down, put it on your jeep,
While you were E.M.T.

And I'll imagine the sound it makes,
And how it feels.
And what the look is upon your face,
And dream.

To see you smile and understand,
Is all I need.
To see that look shine upon you're face,
Means that you're overchay with me.

Thanks to Stacey F for these lyrics

Thanks to Waldo, Krist10 for correcting these lyrics

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